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Wholesale wine Barrels

Wholesale Wine Barrels is local to the Richmond, TX area and always has a large supply of retired red wine barrels in stock. We acquire our barrels from all over the Napa Valley region in California once they have been retired there by their local wineries.

A typical barrel may be used anywhere from 5 -10 years, on average, before it is deemed retired. Barrels are crafted by cooperages from various parts of the world and because of such they are all slightly different in terms of the brandings and markings that they accumulate throughout their lifetime. This allows for individual charm and authentic character that is cannot be replicated.

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All of our barrels are constructed of French, American or Hungarian oak and range 34” – 37” tall and range 26” – 29” wide around the belly. Each barrel is beautifully rustic which opens up excitement, curiosity and an unmistakable radiance about them.

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Wholesale Wine Barrels proudly distributes barrels at low all over the United States, and specifically southern Texas areas. We sell to large corporations, small businesses (including restaurants) and even individuals seeking to utilize barrels for personal use. We offer domestic shipping options and even local pick up options to those in the surrounding local area.
Simply contact us for your shipping estimate today!